What is a Police Clearence Certificate Apostille Attestation?

A PCC is a crucial personal document that requires legalization. The authentication of the PCC is important in proving your and your document's genuinity. The procedure of attestation is implemented by the home government granting the permission to enter the foreign country. The concerned government office needs the approval that you are advantageous individual when you are procuring a visa or providing attested documents.

Documents Required for Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

Apostille is applied to a variety of documents, and each one goes through a unique authentication process. The papers are divided into two categories: major and small. Major papers are the major documents to be used, whilst minor material is required as a complement to the authentication procedure.

Examples of Commercial Documents

  • Exportable documents
  • Other documents, such as a power of attorney

The list of secondary papers that must be presented as part of the verification procedure is as follows.

  • Passport photocopies are necessary.
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Receipt of the passport application
  • It is necessary to have a duplicate of your Aadhar Card.
  • It is necessary to bring a printout of your visa.

When Is The Need For A Police Clearance Certificate Apostille?

Apostille, also known as document apostille, is important to remember, especially if you want to go to another country. Apostilled documents will help people acquire visas for countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention and accept apostille evidence. Apostilled documents are also necessary for authentication; individuals will be unable to travel to another country unless their credentials are apostilled. Papers with an apostille sticker benefit in a number of ways, including:

Certificate of Police Clearance:

  • A Police Clearance Certificate is essential for demonstrating an individual’s previous criminal history.
  • If a person has not engaged in any unlawful acts, their Police Clearance Certificate will be clean.
  • The apostille of this certificate will lead to a spotless clearance for Visa.

To be more clear, Apostille of a police clearance certificate is necessary for:

  • Working in a different nation
  • Advanced studies
  • Need for a foreign nation

Anyone who breaches this policy will face serious punishment. Even if the content will be utilized for profit in another nation, the papers must be apostilled.


Process of Police Clearance Certificate Apostille

The process of document apostille services in Bangalore differs. It differs based on the type of documents used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few of the few of the frequently asked questions related to your travel.
1What Does An Apostille Sticker Look Like?
An apostille sticker is issued by an authorized government department. This sticker has the following appearance:
  • Apostille stickers are electronically generated stickers that are generated through a computer.
  • It measures approximately 9 centimeters in length.
  • It has a particular code. This code helps in proving the legitimacy and authority of whatever is mentioned in a certificate or document.
  • Apostille stickers are usually registered, numbered, dated, and impressed by the concerned government’s seal.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the body that grants the apostille stickers.
  • 2Time Taken To Complete The Process

    The Time taken for the completion of the apostille attestation process is dependent on the kind of documents and certificates which require apostille attestation. At the stage of pre-verification, every document goes through a different process. This verification is conducted at various levels such as the local, state, and national level. Once the verification is complete at all these levels, they receive the approval of authorized governmental bodies and in turn, become eligible for the Ministry of External Affairs’ Apostille Stamp.

    This process is often time-taking and if you want to get this done individually, it might take you almost a month to complete the process and acquire apostille because in certain cases, different departments hold on to the documents and certificates for a number of verification processes. However, if you wish to receive apostille attestation of your documents faster than it usually takes, you can go in for hiring 99Country as your apostille service provider. 99Country gets an apostille for your documents and certificates in nearly 5 to 7 working days.

    3What Is the Cost Of Apostille Attestation?

    The entire process of apostille attestation for your documents and certificates demands you to bear a certain cost which depends on the type of documents that need to be apostilled, the number of documents that need to be apostilled, and if the documents require any distinct or special process for the verification to complete. Different authorized bodies are located in different parts of the country and travelling all over the country for verification before applying for an apostille is a time-consuming, stressful, as well as an expensive choice.

    In contrast to this, the apostille services which 99Country offers its clients are quite affordable and fast. We get apostille attestation for your documents and certificates in a quick and hassle-free manner and you are not required to pay us anything extra for this. You can contact 99Country anytime in order to avail the best apostille services in Bangalore.

    To steer clear of these additional costs, you can avail attestation services provided by 99Country. We at 99Country offer free pick-up and drop-off services for your documents and certificates and get them attested in a week’s time. Thus, neither are you required to travel physically to any of the departments nor do you have to be present anywhere with us throughout the process.

    4How To Start the Process?

    For starting the process of apostille attestation with 99Country, you need to contact our Executive. Our Executives personally attend to your doubts and queries and also give you detailed information about the process. Any additional formalities required are completed by the Executives. Once this is done, we pick up the documents and certificates from your home or any other specified address. You will be furnished with a receipt for the same. Once the documents reach us, we start with the process immediately.

    99Country allows you to keep a track of the entire apostille attestation process online and we also give you updates regularly. In order to ensure the safety of your documents and certificates, we ourselves verify each process being done in an organized manner. Once your documents and certificates receive apostille, we dispatch them safely to you and you can track the return online. The process of receiving apostille is different as per the kind of document requiring apostille. 99Country adheres to all government guidelines and works according to them. Thus, we ensure that all your certificates and documents are verified by authorized governmental bodies. We also offer free pick-up and drop-off services for all your documents.

    Our system enables you to keep a track of the progress of the Apostille process online and you will also receive updates from us on a regular basis.

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