Medical Certificate Attestation

A medical certificate is a written certificate from a doctor after examining a patient .It is an evidence of a health condition. . Medical certificate is necessary when your leave exceeds a certain limit. Attesting medical certificate is necessary to claim insurance to get leave extension etc in a foreign country. Medical certificate attestation is a prominent attestation type that comes under the category of non educational certificate attestation. The medical certificate attestation is done on medical certificates to prove its authenticity. It is a procedure in which the signature or seal of the authority on the medical certificate is made to be used in countries overseas. The seal and signature on the certificate show that the respective department has verified it and is genuine.

What Is The Need For Medical Certificate Attestation?

It is important because of the reasons mentioned below:

Helps extend work leave:

In Gulf countries, one can take short-term and long-term leaves at his or her workplace with the help of medical certificate attestation. This will help you show proof of your medical condition.

For getting an extension and salary when on leave:

You will be able to claim your salary at the end of the month even if you have taken leave due to reasons related to a medical condition.

Claiming insurance:

It is easier to claim insurance when you have your medical certificate attested. When you have your medical insurance it is easier to cut down expenses and get financial aid through this when dealing with a medical situation.


Documents that are required for Marriage Certificate Attestation

These are necessary for verification purposes and for the process to be smoothly and legally conducted. However, attestation is done only on original documents.

Documents required for Marriage attestation include:

  • Passport photocopies
  • Authentic Medical Certificate Always keep in mind that attestation is only performed on original papers. Also, a list of secondary documents typically instructed for validation is given below.
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Passport's application receipt
  • Passport's photocopies
  • Visa's photocopy
  • Aadhar Card's photocopy

Medical Certificate Attestation

Attestation of documents, especially educational documents is a very comprehensive process that happens at different levels.

Notary Attestation

The first stage in handling is certification, which is completed by a notary. It is given to you by a regional notary. It is given in the form of a seal or a sign.

Home Department Attestation

The Home Department is in charge of personal document attestation, and only the designated authorities can testify to papers. They only have the power to attest, and this is the second stage in the legalization of personal papers.

Attestation by the MEA

There is a certain legislation that demands HRD authentication just for educational papers. SDM, on the other hand, is independent in its handling of state government and pursues different functions.

Embassy Attestation

MEA is the home government's accreditation of the most recent level. It's used for sealing on paper. It is the major department in charge of the country's international relations. Embassy Attestation is done by personnel from a particular nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few of the few of the frequently asked questions related to your travel.
1Time Taken To Complete The Process

Attestation involves various steps of verification and attestation which often takes a lot of time to complete.

Time taken can vary on the basis of the type of documents and the country for which it has to be attested.

It takes 8 to 10 day’s time for completion of the attestation process, but it may get stretched as well.

If you wish to avoid such delays in the process of attestation and want it completed quickly, you can hire 99Country for high-speed attestation services.

You only need to submit your documents to us at our office. If that is not possible for you, we send our trusted agents to collect your documents from your doorstep in just one day.

You will also receive a tracking ID to track your courier and regular updates will be given to you by us through email.

2What Is the Cost Of Attestation?

The type of document, the origin of the document, as well as the country where it has to be used, together predicts the cost of the attestation process.

If you wish to get your documents attested individually, you will have to shell out more money since you will be required to travel to different departments which are located all over the country.

To steer clear of these additional costs, you can avail attestation services provided by 99Country. We at 99Country offer free pick-up and drop-off services for your documents and certificates and get them attested in a week’s time. Thus, neither are you required to travel physically to any of the departments nor do you have to be present anywhere with us throughout the process.

We also do not charge anything extra for our quick services. The price range of our services is affordable and reasonable.

3How To Start the Process?

To start the process, the first step is to contact our executive at 99Country. The Executive attends to all your doubts and queries and will inform you about the entire process in detail.

Once this is done, our executive will help you complete all formalities. After this, our agents pick up the documents and certificates from your doorstep and furnish you with a receipt. As soon as we receive the documents at our office, we initiate the attestation process. 99Country adheres to all government guidelines and gets the documents attested in a legal manner.

Our system enables you to keep a track of the progress of the attestation process online and you will also receive updates from us on a regular basis.

The process followed by us is highly systematized and we ourselves verify every step of the attestation process in order to ensure that your documents and certificates are safe.

After the attestation process is complete, your documents are dispatched by us and we send you a tracking ID to trace the courier.

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